Freshwater Complete AquaKit

Reduce ammonia, nitrates, and improve yield

Freshwater Complete AquaKit

UltraClear AquaKit for Intensive Hatchery Use!

Benefits of Using UltraClear AquaKit:
• Ammonia (NH#) & Nitrite (NO2) will be dramatically reduced.
• Need for water changes will be reduced.
• Overall yield will increase by 20%due to reduced NH3 & NO2 toxicity.
• Clean-up at end of growth cycle will be reduced as excess sludge/fish waste will be minimized.

Contents of UltraClear AquaKit:
• 5 gallons of liquid Nitrifying Concentrate.
• 10 pounds of powered Beneficial Bacteria & micro and macro nutrients.

Also Requires:
• 1000 liter IBC Tote Tank
• Heating elements if temperature requires.
• Aeration pump, air tubes and air diffuser stones.

The UltraClear AquaKit comes in both freshwater and saltwater versions. Use the correct kit for the salinity in question. For freshwater or brackish water (0 to 15 PPT salinity), use the freshwater kit. For PPT > 15 PPT salinity, use the saltwater kit. Each kit contains a mix of liquid nitrifying concentrate and powdered bacteria and bacterial nutrients. The kit must be premixed in water, then aerated as described below, before dosing to the aquaculture tanks.


First, calculate tanks / ponds to be treated in cubic meters. Dose is 1000 liters of final AquaKit product per week for every 10,000 m3 (approximately 100 ppm per week, or 400 ppm per month, of final brewed product from AquaKit preparation).

Set up a 1000 liter IBC Tote Tank, as follows:

• 1000 liter tote tank, clean
• Equip with heater to maintain temperature at 27 C +/- 3 C (usually a 400 or 500 watt aquarium style, submersible heater is perfect for this)
• Use a dedicated air pump that produces between 70 to 100 liters per minute of aeration
• Use an air diffuser stone, preferably a durable ground glass or alumina based air stone for durability, medium pore bubbles, that will handle the 70 to 100 liters per minute of aeration
• Fill the tote tank with dechlorinated tap water that matches the salinity of the hatchery water
• Begin heating and aeration with the equipment specified above
• Add the complete AquaKit (5 gallons liquid, 10 pounds powder) to the tote tank
• Aerate vigorously at 27 C, +/- 3 C, for 7 days.
• At the end of 7 days, dose entire tote tank (1000 liters) of finished AquaKit brew to the hatchery tank

General Points:

Note: Be sure to dose the brewed 1000 liters at the very beginning of the hatchery growth period, for best results, then apply once a week until the growth period is finished. If beginning in the middle a growth cycle, results will still be positive, but always try to start at the beginning of the growth cycle – meaning that brewing of the AquaKit should begin 7 days before the start of the growth cycle.
NH3 and NO2 will be dramatically reduced, so that toxicity is reduced.
Need for water changes will be reduced.
Overall yield will increase by 20% to 35% due to reduced NH3/NO2 toxicity
Clean up at end of growth cycle will be reduced as excess sludge buildup will be minimized.