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UltraClear BMS for treating Vibriosis

Vibriosis is one of the major disease problems in shellfish and finfish aquaculture. Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide. UltraClear Bacillus MultiStrain (BMS) is a solution for reducing the mortality from luminous Vibrio in shrimp production in fish farms.

UltraClear BMS for treating Vibrio is available in powder form (one pound per bag). It includes bacillus subtilis (5 x 10^8 cfu per gram), bacillus amyloliquefaciens (5 x 10^8 cfu per gram) & bacillus licheniformis (5 x 10^8 cfu per gram).

Instructions for using the UltraClear BMS for Vibrio are as follows:

  • Mix the 1 pound bag of UltraClear MMS for Vibrio in 200 liters of water.
  • Aerate 24 hours at 15 to 35 C (preferably around 27 C. Aerate vigorously.
  • Apply to 1000 cubic meters of water.
  • Instructions for existing or ongoing problem: use three doses per week for one month. After that, dose once per month.
  • For regular prevention: Apply the 200 liter prepared solution to 1000 M3 of water volume in the system once a month.


  • Reduced mortality
  • Increased production