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UltraClear Koi Clay

UltraClear Koi Clay

Creates an ideal habitat on the bottom of the pond by providing essential minerals including calcium, magnesium and other trace elements for improved bone and scale growth of Koi and Goldfish.

UltraClear Koi Clay benefits your Koi & pond fish in several ways. It provides valuable trace minerals including calcium, magnesium and other trace elements for improved bone and scale growth, blood clotting and reduced loss of sodium and potassium from fish blood. It contains essential silica for removing harmful toxins and heavy metals. UltraClear Koi Clay also helps create an ideal habitat on the pond bottom for Koi fish to thrive and flourish.

UltraClear Koi Clay is 100% Bentonite Clay. The geometrically unique surface of the Bentonite Clay and the size or the particles is critical for bonding with and absorbing toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides that may enter the pond habitat.

UltraClear Koi Clay helps to maintain a clear, high quality water environment for your Koi or gold fish in your pond.


Add two tablespoons per 1000 gallons to pond each week. Increase frequency if problems persist or load increases.


(1) Mix dosage with gallon of pond water, shake well
      and distribute to pond.
(2) Roll fish food in clay until absorbed by food and
      then feed fish.
(3) Add water or moisten, roll into balls and drop balls
      into pond.


UltraClear Koi Clay is sold in 4 lb. containers.

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