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UltraClear Accelerator

UltraClear Accelerator

UltraClear Accelerator is used in conjunction with the Biological Pond Clarifier for Larger Ponds and Problem Ponds. The Acclerator is mixed with UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier and water to produce the Professional Strength UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier.

The main benefit of Professional Strength UltraClear is the ability to treat larger ponds or problem ponds more effectively and economically. Using the Growth Chamber, the two products (UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier and Accelerator) are mixed together and aerated before applying to the pond. During aeration, the safe, natural UltraClear bacteria actually grow and reproduce. That means that the dose is much higher than it would be using Regular Strength UltraClear alone.

UltraClear Accelerator is a stabilized liquid suspension of spore-form bacteria and food-grade nutrients and vitamins. The nutrients and vitamins are ideal for 'accelerating' the growth of UltraClear bacteria in the Growth Chamber. With Accelerator, the UltraClear bacteria grow and reproduce many times, producing a significantly greater dose. This means that large ponds or problem ponds can be treated economically.

Not only does Accelerator dramatically increase the number of bacteria in the UltraClear dose, but it actually 'activates' the bacteria. This means that when the Growth Chamber process is finished and the bacteria are dosed (or poured in) to the pond, they are actively consuming Nitrogen and Phosphorous nutrients at the fastest possible rate. In the competition with undesirable growth in the pond, the faster the UltraClear bacteria consume Nitrogen and Phosphorous, the better they work, meaning better results and a beautiful, healthy, clear pond.

Accelerator is a highly concentrated proprietary formulation of bacterial nutrients. The combination of nutrients in Accelerator support the optimal growth of bacteria in UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier. First, the nitrifying bacteria that normally grow very slowly, use the nutrients in Accelerator to increase their growth rate. These bacteria convert ammonia to nitrate. Second, the heterotrophic bacteria use the nutrients for growth and to accelerate enzyme production that degrades organic material. Finally, nutrients in Accelerator increase the growth rate of heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria that convert nitrate to nitrogen gas effectively removing it from the ecosystem.

Does UltraClear Accelerator need refrigeration?

No. Simply store Accelerator at room temperature. Do not store for prolonged periods above 100 degrees F. Ideally, store at 40 to 80 degrees F.

What is the shelf life of UltraClear Acclerator?

As long as the bottle is unopened, UltraClear Accelerator has a 2-year shelf life. Once the bottle is opened, the product is good for one year from that time. Remember to replace and secure the bottle cap after each usage.

Why is UltraClear Acceleratorsafe to use?

UltraClear Accelerator is composed of spore-form bacillus bacteria and food grade nutrients and vitamins. Each of these components is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-pathogenic.

The bacteria included in UltraClear Accelerator are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1 bacteria. CDC and ATCC give the following definition of Biosafety Level 1 bacteria:

'ATCC cultures and related products are classified by biosafety level (BSL) in an effort to provide guidance to the user on potential risk. The classification is based on assessment of the potential risk using U.S. Public Health Service guidelines, with assistance provided by ATCC scientific advisory committees. Those items in BSL-1 have no known potential to cause disease in humans or animals.

Packaging for Retailers & Distributors

Accelerator is available in the following:

P/N Bottle Size Bottles/Case
42000 32 ounce 12
42201 Gallon 4


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