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Decorative Pond Treatment
Aquarium Products
Koi & Goldfish Food
Muck Digester Tabs for eliminating pond sludge
Pond and Lake Colorant
Lake Treatment
Hog Pit Treatment
Septic Treatment
UltraClear Gelpac LS for Grease Reduction
UltraClear Nitrification System
Reduce ammonia for wastewater treatment
UltraClear System for Ponds
UltraClear System Growth Chamber
Treat green water in lakes with aluminum sulfate & clay solution
Potassium Permanganate for Koi & pond fish
Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Buffer blocks add calcium & buffers pH in ponds & aquariums.
Flocculent for instant clarification in ponds & industrial wastewater
ProFlocculent for large ponds, lakes & lagoons
Reduce oil/water hydrocarbon contaminants in oil water separators & holding tanks
Bacteria vs. Enzymes vs. Chemicals
Partnering Companies for Wastewater Treatment

Imet Corporation
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ABI, UltraClear offer’s biologically engineered solutions for treating water and water related products.

Small decorative pond treatment!

UltraClear Product Group

The UltraClear retail line offers “shake & pour” products for treating ponds, lakes and aquariums. You can have a perfect pond with UltraClear. Retail pond products include ready to pour bottles for eliminating pond sludge, reducing muck, eliminating ammonia in water, improving pond clarity, adjusting pH and a water conditioner for treating chlorines & chloramines. UltraClear decorative pond products can be purchased at local retail garden centers, water garden centers, landscapers, hardware stores and other independent merchants. UltraClear retail products are also available for consumer purchase through on-line stores offered by numerous retailers, through Amazon, eBay and other online stores. Google “UltraClear pond treatment”, or “eliminate pond sludge with Ultraclear digester“, or “improve pond clarity with Ultraclear clarifier”, or “Ultraclear muck digester tabs” and dozens of on-line retailers will be listed for directly purchasing UltraClear products.

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Muck Digester Tabs...

  • Reduce organic sediment and sludge
  • Treats farm ponds, aquatic fish hatcheries, lakes, lagoons & ponds.


New 8 lb size available

Eliminate pond sludge or muck in large ponds & lakes with UltraClear Muck Digester Tabs. Large ponds, lakes and lagoons require unique solutions for treating clarity, muck, sludge and aesthetics at an affordable price since the volumes are generally significant. ABI UltraClear offers specialty formulated solutions with increased concentrations for effective treatment of large ponds, lakes and farm ponds. Solutions range from the industry favorite Muck Digester (which was engineered for a high concentration of multiple strains of bacteria), The Solution (an alum based product), a concentrated colorant for beautiful shades of blue and a Flocculent for instant pond/lake clarification. These products are sold through commercial pond treatment companies, local landscapers and some retailers. Industrial companies and municipalities can purchase directly from ABI. Click here for details on products for “Lake & Farm Pond Treatment”.

Wastewater treatment!

  • Nitrifying Bacteria for Nitrification
  • Muck Digester Tabs for reducing solids
ABI UltraClear offers wastewater treatment solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, agricultural waste, lagoons, industrial process wastewater, lift stations, pumping stations and residential & commercial septic systems. UltraClear products are safe for the environment, 100% safe for water, and people. ABI UltraClear offers ready- to-ship products or we can customize a blended solution for your unique wastewater problem. The following are a few of the specific problems where ABI UltraClear can provide wastewater solutions:
  • Treating effluent discharge from wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing BOD in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing TSS or total suspended solids in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reducing solids in lagoons for municipal, industrial and agricultural waste.
  • Reducing FOG in wastewater, grease pits (grease tanks) and grease traps.
  • Reducing ammonia levels in wastewater discharge.
  • Achieving plant nitrification for your wastewater plant.


UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops for oil water separator maintenance

UltraClear Hydrocarbon BioPops are ideal for reducing oil/water hydrocarbon contaminants in oil water separators and oily water holding tanks. No additional equipment is needed. Click here to see how Hydrocarbon BioPops use advanced biotechnology to improve the efficiency of separators and oily water holding tanks.


UltraClear Biological Products for crop growth

ABI offers custom formulations for crop growth and enhancement. Please contact for more details.


UltraClear offers environmentally safe products for our earth!

Browse through our site for answers to your questions. We welcome your comments on our site and our products. Please send us an email or call us if you need help in finding a retailer or a supplier near you that carries ABI UltraClear products or solutions. MADE IN THE USA!

We are a family owned business. We’ve been in business for 20 years! Personal attention and customer service is our #1 goal!

UltraClear’s beneficial, live bacteria are 100% safe for ponds, lakes, lagoons and wastewater treatment. UltraClear is environmentally safe. It is not a chemical!

Video of UltraClear The Solution

Water Quality Science International, Inc,

 also known as WQSII, has been acquired by ABI as of September 30th, 2017. WQSII will be moved from Somerville, TN to ABI facilities in Cleveland, OH.


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Retailers & Distributors wanted:

We are looking for garden centers, feed and seed stores, hardware stores & country stores to offer UltraClear products in your local area. Please contact us directly at 800-847-8950 or by email at rayparr@ultraclear.com for inquiries about becoming a distributor or retail dealer. Opportunities are available in the U.S. & Internationally.

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